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Abundance in Water

Cleaning creeks one sculpture at a time

Being in abundance means reimagining a world where anything is possible.  With abundance in mind, clean water systems I'm locally connected to one sculpture at a time.

Harvesting Clay

I walk the waterways close to my old farmhouse.  I take soil from the banks and I harvest it into clay.  I use the clay to create sculptures.  After the sculpture is created a mold is made.  Then, the original clay used to create the sculpture is put back near the creek. The mold is what remains.

In an abundance situation the self changes in ways that result in community growth.

yvonne shortt ice sculpture in water

Fetching Water

In any situation where there is abundance I create for myself. I create with my deepest desires in mind.  I create not for accolades or notoriety but for understanding and growth.

Once the mold is made I fetch water from the creek.  The water will be tested and filtered for particles like iron. 

The Pouring

The water comes from the same creek where the clay for the sculpture was first harvested. The water is then put through a filtering device to clean it of iron and other particles. Once the water is filtered, it is poured into a mold.

The Opening

The water turns into ice sitting outside in weather below 32 degrees. Once the water becomes ice, the piece is ready to be de-molded.

The Installation

I take the de-molded piece back to the same river where I first got the clay and Water. I  install the work.  As the piece melts, it cleans the creek with the filtered water.  In this way, I clean my creek one piece at a time.

Some Installations

yvonne shortt ice sculpture on ice

Woman on Sunnyvale Farm Pond

Ice filtered from pond water


yvonne shortt ice sculpture on grass

Woman from Sprout Creek

Ice Filtered and frozen several times. 


yvonne shortt ice sculpture on ice

Woman at Sunset on Sunnyvale farm Pond

Ice filtered and melting


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