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The Listener. The Warrior. The Explorer.

Listening within to change self

I need to listen. Is the scarcity around me real or perceive? How can I move more toward an abundance mindset? 

yvonne shortt sculpture and blue paint

The Listener

I created the listener as a way to be still and practice listening. I put the headdress on in nature to hear the heron, listen to the Bluejay in song, and feel how the grass flows. I practice listening everyday with the headdress to grow my listening muscles. When people talk, I pretend the headdress is on and listen.  

yvonne shortt wearing sculpture and art

The Warrior

In any hostile situation the mind must adapt. 

It can be scary to disagree with a collective mindset, to go against the norm. I created the warrior and a mantra while painting her. In times of disagreement with the collective mindset I hear my mantra. It gives me courage. 

yvonne shortt sculpture with terracotta and rope
yvonne shortt terracotta helmet with blue paint

The Explorer

With courage I can explore, do a deep dive into industries where the scarcity mindset runs rampant; the art world and education to name a few. The explorer headdress protects me while giving me laser focus. 

In any hostile situation the mind must adapt. 


yvonne shortt teracotta sculpture and blue paint
yvonne shortt wearing teracotta sculpture and blue paint
yvonne shortt teracotta sculpture and blue paint and rope


Rope. Terracotta. Paint.



Terracotta and Paint



Shells. Terracotta. Rope.


Open Call Framework

In the current open call system for artists, the value is placed on the artwork and institution not the artist. As artists, we are always applying and rarely selected. I wanted to create an open call where we the artists were able to discuss our work and our practice. I wanted to get rid of the scarcity mindset where the artist applies and waits to be selected. I wanted something where we as artists were in more control of the outcome. 


Through the Artist Open Call, artists self-select to participate in opportunities, rejecting the traditional selection process as hierarchical and driven by a scarcity mindset. Artists meet weekly to build trust and connections through Zoom or in-person conversations. This preparatory exploration then impacts the creative process.

I have used this framework five times with over 30 artists. Others are also creating their own Artist Open Calls.


Be The Museum. View the framework below.

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