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The Rebellion

Using handcrafted headdresses and clothing to explore scarcity in the education system and my indoctrination into scarcity mindset
yvonne shortt wearing terracotta helmet sculpture

I’m 50 but I can’t help thinking I’ve been somehow indoctrinated into a cult that has left future generations in anguish with debt and anxiety, Through sculpture, video, photography, and fabric I’m exploring this notion. I’m not saying our youth shouldn’t be educated but I’m exploring how it’s happening and the economic, physical, and social choices that have left future generations in psychological and economic fragility; and has me feeling more and more like I was indoctrinated into a cult for colleges.  

I'm exploring the scarcity mindset within myself as it pertains to education

The Uprising

The uprising started in New York City in year 2036 where youth started at age 5 in test prep schools, Saturdays and Sundays, to gain entry into private and elite schools only to graduate from college with no job and massive debt. The youth had enough. The rebellion quickly spread to rural community youth. Here stands the remnants of the last known university.

yvonne shortt wearing terracotta helmet sculpture
yvonne shortt wearing terracotta helmet sculpture

The Realization

In 2032 so many students were in debt to universities that they started questioning the notion that one makes more with a college degree.


They concluded, many of the companies requiring college degrees were profiting from them through loans, mergers.

Unlike the adults, the youth stated every child shouldn't have to go to college because colleges were the new slave master requiring servitude forever. They felt their parents were brainwashed from decades of indoctrination

The Conclusion

Every kid shouldn't have to go to college.

Companies had to stop mandating everyone have a college degree to work for them was a better approach. Companies had to stop profiting from the debt the students racked up was the best approach. Youth who went to college did make more but that's because those who paid more required it. And, when one looked closely the reason wasn't because the colleges prepared them for work better.

In any hostile situation the mind must adapt. 

yvonne shortt wearing terracotta helmet sculpture

The Action

yvonne shortt wearing terracotta helmet sculpture
"In 2037 it became illegal for companies to ask if a person went to college."
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